The Pussy That Bites Back™
Manifesto for a jewelry collection

There is always a catalyst element prompting the birth of each and every man-made creation. The Pussy That Bites Back™ collection took shape out of revolt and a stringent need for action. At first this jewelry collection was just funny and almost innocent in its hope that dignity could be restored through humor.

The Pussy That Bites Back™ was meant as a modern-day talisman to empower and defend women against overt salacity by encouraging them to stand up and fight back.  

Current extraordinary political events caused The Pussy That Bites Back™ collection to be born. As time went on, the collection grew, matured and transcended being just a “defense response” to perversion: The Pussy That Bites Back™ became a political instrument. 

First and foremost, this jewelry collection/political instrument offers increased personal strength. Beyond politics, beyond feminism, it gives courage, hope and a smile to anybody who was ever bullied at any level.

The social purpose for The Pussy That Bites Back™ collection is to unite and fuel into action the community of people in disagreement with an absurd and obscene administration. The little pink image separates the pink community from the orange community. 

Beyond being a survival tool for our current struggle, the Pussy That Bites Back™ urges every woman to retain her dignity in the face of misfortune, hostility and grave danger. Joan Of Arc, Artemisia Gentileschi, Veronica Franco, Angela Davis, Jane Goodall, Marie Curie, Frida Kahlo, Malala Yousafzai, Oprah Winfrey are but a few known examples of extraordinary courage among billions of women who tacitly and anonymously carried out innumerable acts of resistance and excellence.

The Pussy That Bites Back™ pink collection stands for woman’s dignity and human dignity; it is both a personal talisman and a mobilizing visual for political and social action. The vision for this new political instrument is to become a symbol of unity and identity. The Pussy That Bites Back™  wants to be a symbol for women, feminists, activists  and victims of abuse. 

Internalize the significance and intention of The Pussy That Bites Back™ collection!
You will be empowered, strong, socially and politically aware, and help human consciousness evolve. Don’t Be A Pussy, Be the Pussy That Bites Back™!

P.S. The immediate mission of The Pussy That Bites Back™ collection is to support ACLU with 25% of the collection's profits.